Notification 8 months ago

All of us at HardBlock would like to thank your for your support and wish you a happy holiday season.

The past few months has been tough for many with the Bitcoin price drop, but we here continue to love Bitcoin and believe in its future.

 If you are looking for some last minute gift ideas …

A Bitcoin paper wallet ( might be a good idea. Simply print the wallet and send ~$50 worth of Bitcoin to the printed address.

It’s not only a  unique gift but it gives the receiver a great reason to learn something about Bitcoin.  

Note, its best not to place very large sums into paper wallets unless you and the receiver absolutely know what they are doing.  Some bad practices by inexperienced users can make wallets vulnerable, (rare but not a risk worth taking with larger sums).

Merry Christmas,
All the best wishes from the HardBlock Team

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