There is a spread between our sell and buy Bitcoin price. We make money on that spread.

You will need to provide your:

  • Full name
  • DOB
  • Address
  • Details of at least one valid Australian ID document (e.g. drivers license no.) Or foreign passport with a valid Australian VISA

Providing your mobile phone number is optional, but recommended for higher Bitcoin withdrawal limits.

For customers who sign up after 1 May 2019 we do not keep your ID document numbers or data (Passport or driver's license number or expiry date etc.) .

We do keep other data. E.g. Name, DOB, Address.

Verification is instant and performed via DigitalID provided by Australia post.

You can also request manual verification, which can take a few days.


We are regulated by AUSTRAC - Australia's financial intelligence agency with regulatory responsibility for anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing. As part of the regulation we’re required to meet AML/CTF obligations including:

Collecting and verifying customer information so as to comply with the program, Keeping user data such as user info and personal data, Reporting to AUSTRAC any suspicious activities that we are aware of, Adopting and Maintaining an AML/CTF program in identifying, mitigating and managing money laundering and terrorism finance risks.

You can find more information at the AUSTRAC official website.

You must only make AUD deposits from a bank account in your name. This is to prevent fraud and unfortunately, we can not make any exceptions.

Contact us at to arrange a refund back into your bank account.

Yes! Deposits sent from your bank account using POLi Payments are credited to your account instantly.

We accept electronic deposits from your bank account using:

  • POLi Payments - A service by Australia Post supported by most major Australian banks allowing instant electronic cash deposits.

Withdrawals are processed once per day. We send money using OSKO which means it should be available instantly in other OSKO supporting banks.

If your bank does not support OSKO it will usually take 1-3 days for the money to show up in your bank account.

Note that occasionally banks can take longer than expected to process payments. This is especially true during weekends and public holidays.

Contact us at We will need to call you to authenticate your Identity. You will also need to wait for a period of two weeks to confirm that you want your 2FA disabled.

After that we will disable your 2FA.

If required, we will provide the data to banking institutions or government law enforcment and policing agencies. This will be done when in the event of suspected fraud, or compliance needs. We do not sell or provide any of your data to anyone else. We use Amazon web services to store your data securely. Read more about our privacy policy.

We have Bitcoin withdrawal limits that apply primarily to new accounts. This is done in order to prevent financial losses due to fraud, and can provide the best prices and no fees for our customers.

We place Bitcoin withdrawal limits whenever you make a deposit from a new bank account.

A deposit made from a bank account that you have not previously used, could mean that you will not be able to withdraw Bitcoin for three days.

We also place limits on new users who have a short (e.g. less than a month) trading history with us, or who have a low volume (e.g. less than $5 000) transaction history with us. A typical Bitcoin withdraw limit for such a user is $1 000 worth of Bitcoin per day.

Additionally users who have not verified a phone number upon registration will also have lower withdrawal limits.

For higher Bitcoin withdrawal limits:

  • Use POLi to make Dollar deposits,
  • Use the same bank account when transferring money to us,
  • As you make more successful Dollar deposits, over a period of time and trade history your BTC withdrawal limit will increase.

Learn more about Bitcoin withdrawal limits.

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