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This is the difference between our buy and sell price.
It means you buy/sell Bitcoin 1.20% above/below the current price.
The spread pays for the cost of our operations.
Trade Fees
Most services will charge you various fees on
top of the spread you pay. Be careful!
Bitcoin Send Fee
This is paid to Bitcoin miners. It varies throughout
the day depending on Bitcoin network congestion.
Consulting Rate
2 hours Free for High Value Customers $150/hr thereafter
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No Deposit, Dollar withdraw or account creation fees.

The price you see is the price you pay.

No exchange fee.
No deposit fees.

Our spread explained


Use our automations to send money from your bank to your hardware wallet for a set-and-forget savings plan.

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Interact with real people in Australia.

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Bitcoin Focused

Bitcoin is the only cyrptocurrency with a design that can scale globally while remaining decentralised.

This is why we only offer Bitcoin.


We encourage bitcoin self-custody. Bitcoin withdrawals at the market rate.

Live transaction fee: AU$1.19

Or use our AutoSend feature for 1000 Sats.


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