No Fees

No confusing fees for buying and selling Bitcoin or depositing and withdrawing Australian Dollars. With HardBlock, you get more money for your Bitcoin.


We've been serving the Australian Bitcoin community since 2014 and have proven our attention to secure practices.

Instant Money

With instant deposits through PayID as well as instant withdrawals, you get your money faster than other exchanges. Why wait?

High Limits

After a very simple sign up process, you can quickly begin selling up to $20,000 dollars worth of Bitcoin per day.


HardBlock is simple to use. Verifying your ID takes seconds, and then you can immediately begin buying and selling Bitcoin.

Get started buying Bitcoin

1. Sign up for a free account by clicking here.

2. Verify your ID instantly with DigitalID. Quick and simple!

3. Instantly deposit Australian Dollars with the security of PayID and POLi.

You're now ready to start buying Bitcoin with no fees!

Please reach out to with any questions.