Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

Welcome to HardBlock. This document lays out the terms and conditions of our website and service. We aim to make these terms simple to understand. By accessing and browsing our site and / or using our service you agree to and are bound by the terms and conditions laid out in this document.

If you have not done so please read our Privacy Policy. The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are both an integral part of using our service.

2. What Is HardBlock

HardBlock is a website and online service platform. It provides online buyers agency services and selling service to allow the purchase and sale of Bitcoin.

3. Fund And Bitcoin Receive Times By Customer

The Bitcoin and Dollar receive times for customers, given on our site are a guideline. We make no guarantees that transactions will be processed within that time. We will however do our utmost to fulfill the expectations of our customers.

4. HardBlock Reserves The Right To Not Process Transactions

Due to security or any other reason we reserve the right to not process transactions entirely at our discretion. The customer will be entitled to a refund in such a case.

5. Prices

The prices listed on our site or service are entirely at our discretion and non-negotiable.

6. Transactions are Irreversible

Unless specifically fulfilling conditions outlined in this document, Bitcoin buy and sell orders are not reversible.

7. Wrong Use or Information Provided

HardBlock is not responsible or liable for damage or loss caused by its users providing wrong information such as, but not limited to; wrong Bitcoin address, wrong bank information etc.

8. Bitcoin Withdrawals Might Be Delayed

For security reasons we only hold a small amount of Bitcoins live on our site or service. This means that there can be delays of days when withdrawing Bitcoin. We are not responsible for any damage or loss caused by delays in Bitcoin withdrawals.

9. Your Bitcoin Security

HardBlock is not responsible for the security of your Bitcoin or funds obtained from HardBlock. We are not responsible or liable for any damage or loss from theft or malicious software on the clients computer or hardware / software.

We take security seriously. We are however not responsible or obligated or responisble for any theft of Bitcoins from our site or service. In the even of such theft, however, we will endeavor to repay our customers.

We recommend for our customers not to keep large amounts of Bitcoin on our site or service.

10. Compliance With Laws and Regulations

HardBlock is not responsible for your violation of any laws or regulations as a result of using our site or service. We are not responsible for what you choose to do with the Dollars or Bitcoin obtained from our service.

11. You Appoint Us as Your Agent When Buying Bitcoins

When purchasing Bitcoins you appoint as an agent for the purpose of acquiring Bitcoin.

12. Resources

HardBlock uses bitcoinaverage and for obtaining outside market prices.

13. Additional Withdrawal Charges

We may charge additional withdrawal charges up to $150 dollars. These charges will be deducted when users withdraw Dollars from HardBlock, after making a prior Dollar deposit, but not buying any Bitcoin. Processing such deposits and withdrawals costs us money and we need to levy such charges to prevent abuse. The charge will scale depending on size of withdrawals.

14. Chain Splits

In the event of a softfork, hardfork or any other chainsplit you agree that it is our discretion which chain we will follow. We reserve the right to not distribute tokens resulting from a chainsplit besides the chain we choose to follow.


We may amend the Terms of Service occasionally. When we amend it you must agree to the amendments as a condition of you continuing to use our Site and Service.

Last Updated: August 16, 2017